Lessons Learned From the 2018 Boston Marathon

Posted by Rachel MacDonald on Apr 23, 2018 2:42:02 PM

Run The Year participant Rachel MacDonald gives us a little insight into her running of the 2018 Boston Marathon. Read on to hear how 26.2 miles + cold + torrential rain turned into a day that won't soon be forgotten!

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The Psychology Behind Training For Your First Race

Posted by Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli, Sport Psychologist on Apr 17, 2018 10:18:10 AM

You did it! You signed up for your First. Race. Ever. You’ve committed to the program and will actually be training for your first race. From a sport psychologist's perspective (that’s me), you’ve mentally taken the hardest step of the whole process - making the decision and committing to do something totally new and out of your comfort zone! As any seasoned runner will tell you, on this journey you’ll have many ups and downs. You’re going to have days that make you question your sanity.  Days that will make you think “what the (bleep) did I get myself into?”

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Faces of Run The Year: A live interview with Rae Barr

Posted by Briana Boehmer on Apr 13, 2018 2:44:46 PM

A week ago the Run The Edge team tested out a new platform called GetVokl for our Back On Track Challenge. GetVokl allows us to both broadcast live conversations and facilitate group conversations in a round-robin style. You can see our live broadcast here if you missed it! We had a lot of fun...you might just get a few laughs if you watch...

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Running 2018 in 2018

Posted by Rachel MacDonald on Apr 3, 2018 10:27:28 AM

For Run The Year 2018 we've been taking time to share the stories of our users. It is an initiative we call "Faces of Run The Year". On social media and our blog we will be telling the stories of the people who make our challenge what it is today - An inclusive and motivating place to find your best self.

For this blog, meet Rachel MacDonald. Rachel is a Run The Year participant and avid writer who will be sharing her journey with us throughout 2018. She is a marathoner and Ironman 70.3 triathlete living in southern CT and says one of her favorite things is to earn "#allthemedals at #alltheraces"! You can follow Rachel on Instagram and Twitter at @runrach03

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When The Dust Settles...

Posted by Briana Boehmer on Mar 28, 2018 3:59:58 PM

“And when the dust settles you’ll find me here…” ~AM

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Never Count Yourself Out: Meet Faces of Run The Year Samantha Hayman

Posted by Mimi Otto on Mar 26, 2018 4:24:16 PM

Samantha’s life was forever changed when she fell off a roof and damaged her spine just over a decade ago. Medical experts told her that she would live with chronic pain for the rest of her life and may never be active again. At first she felt discouraged and didn't know where to turn. After gaining weight and suffering excruciating pain from spinal disc degeneration, she decided to make a change.

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2018 Miles…On One Leg: Meet Faces of Run The Year Jenny Sabbagh

Posted by Mimi Otto on Mar 13, 2018 10:39:26 AM

Most of us would give up on an active lifestyle after losing a leg and becoming wheelchair-bound for life. But most of us aren’t Jenny Sabbagh.

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Running Etiquette on Trial

Posted by Run The Edge on Mar 1, 2018 10:39:57 AM

Our running courtroom has five controversial rules of running etiquette are on the docket this week. We will hear arguments from the prosecution and defense for each case and then submit our verdict for your consideration. Keep track of which side you are on and whether or not you agree with our verdict.

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There is No Such Thing as Slow!

Posted by Run The Edge on Jan 27, 2018 9:44:30 PM

“When you say you are ‘slow,’ do you mean compared to the 93% of people who can’t run a mile without stopping, or the majority of Americans who never exercise?” We asked a runner this question at a recent race expo. She was trying to convince us that she was a “slow runner” and we were trying to convince her that there is no such thing as slow. (To be honest, we made up the 93% number. Fortunately, she didn’t ask us where we got our statistics.)

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4 Awesome Ambassadors For Our Community

Posted by Run The Edge on Jan 12, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Shout-out alert!

With every turn of the calendar and every new Run The Year, we discover more amazing bloggers, coaches, and ambassadors doing great things for the fitness community.

This year, we are working in partnership with 4 ladies who represent different angles on why you might want to run 2,018 miles as your 2018 goal! Check out their websites, linked below, and send them some of that famous RTE love. :)

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