Tags: Just For Fun

There is a park in town
Kind of on the edge of town
With a water fountain

You’ll see it in the park
And it doesn’t look like anything special
After all, it’s just a water fountain

But if you go to that park
When people don’t usually go to the park
You’ll see why it’s a special fountain

When it’s cold and snowy
And you expect everything to be frozen
You’ll find water at this fountain

When every water source
Has been turned off for the winter
You’ll find water at this fountain

The impatient think it’s broken
Since it doesn’t turn on right away
But the patient will find water at this fountain

It takes a second to turn on
Because it’s pulling water from deep below
But you’ll always find water at this fountain

It takes a second to turn off
Because it’s emptying water from the pipe
To ensure that everyone finds water at this fountain

It’s such a simple thing
But when you’re thirsty on your run
At any time of year
In any weather condition
And you feel so parched
There’s nothing better
Than being able to depend on
This water fountain


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