The Amerithon 2017 Challenge

Posted by Run The Edge on Jul 10, 2017 1:12:34 PM


Your neighbors are going to think you’re crazy. Your friends might think you’re insane. Your own family might question your mental stability, but this is one virtual challenge that your heart knows you have to do.

Introducing the Amerithon 2017 Challenge! This is the biggest, most prestigious virtual challenge on the planet and you are invited. It sounds difficult, but trust us when we tell you ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Imagine the look on your friends faces when they hear you have accepted the challenge to (virtually) run/walk/hike/bike/swim/etc from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Washington Monument in Washington DC. That is 3,521 miles. That is 134 marathons!

The best part is you can do this whole challenge yourself, or divide the miles with up to 8 friends/teammates. Imagine a fitness challenge so fun that you will be motivated to get in your miles every day. This is it!

Here's how the challenge works:

Step 1.  Sign-Up for the challenge:  You can do the challenge solo or divide the miles with a team of up to 8 people (440 miles per person.) Each participant needs to sign up individually and then create their team within the mileage Tracker. Start thinking of a great team name now! Sign Up Here

Step 2. Start Tracking your miles. Our custome mileage tracker is built just for this challenge and works as an app on your phone. You will get an email for each landmark you and your team pass. The email will have a video flyover of the next segment of the challenge and some motivational words.

Amerithon Tracker.png

Step 3.  Collect your swag. We will ship out your swag (for Deluxe and Get It All packages) right away. You can even get the first 5 pieces of the medal in an awesome keepsake box. Hang the wall map up somewhere so you can see the course and mark your progress. Start filling in your Amerithon Passport with dates and badge stickers as you achieve them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 1.43.59 PM

Track your progress with this 20 page passport and sticker pack.


Hang this Wall map up to see the course and all the segments. 

Step 4.  Assemble your medal as you hit the key landmarks. The first 4 pieces of the medal are earned as you move across the country. Just before you reach the last landmark, you will fill out a form and we will ship you the finishing piece to the medal which doubles as a key chain!


Step 5.  Bask in your glory!  As an Amerithon finisher you will be more fit, more confident, and be able to brag to your friends!  You WILL finish this challenge. Just keep going and getting fit!  Good luck!

Register Now (Limited spots available) 

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