Faces of Run The Year: A live interview with Rae Barr

Posted by Briana Boehmer on Apr 13, 2018 2:44:46 PM

A week ago the Run The Edge team tested out a new platform called GetVokl for our Back On Track Challenge. GetVokl allows us to both broadcast live conversations and facilitate group conversations in a round-robin style. You can see our live broadcast here if you missed it! We had a lot of fun...you might just get a few laughs if you watch...

During our group conversation an idea face-planted itself right before us. We were talking to Run The Year participants and hearing amazing stories LIVE. We thought, we need to tell stories LIVE more often! There is not time like the present, so yesterday we did just that. We had a LIVE conversation with two-time Run The Year Participant Rae Barr. Her story is amazing (we won't spoil it...you have to listen to find out why). Not only did she inspire all of us in the office to never let someone tell us "you can't do that", she reminded us that each day we decide to take take a step in the direction of our goals is a day we've succeeded.

So grab your water bottle and set aside 10 minutes to listen to this inspiring woman's story! (Simply click on the image below.)

Happy Running RTE Family!

P.S. Videos take a few seconds to load so be patient!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 2.12.37 PM


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