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Welcome to the Run The Year 2017 FAQ!

The Run The Edge team answers email questions Monday - Friday, during regular business hours. We attempt to answer every email within 48 hours. To ensure your 2017 journey starts off smooth and easy, check out the masterfully crafted FAQ below! The most popular FAQs are bolded below. 

Please, read through the FAQ before emailing.

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About The Challenge

What's this all about?

Run The Year 2017 is a virtual fitness challenge that requires participants to complete 2,017 miles in the year 2017. Miles can be completed individually or split among a team, by walking, running, jogging, hiking, etc - just make sure to use your feet! (No bikes!) Complete your miles on your own time and in your own manner - just log your mileage totals in the mileage tracker to keep track of progress and receive milestone notifications. 

How much does it cost to participate?

There are three registration packages available - Basic, Deluxe, and the Get It All. Basic registration is a flat, one-time $25 fee, and the Deluxe and Get It All packages include additional swag. Learn more about registration packages here: https://register.runtheedge.com/event/2017-Miles-in-2017

Do I have to live in the USA to participate?

Nope. This is a virtual fitness challenge! Participate and log your miles anywhere.

I was going to participate as an individual, but now I want to be on a team also. What do I do?

There is no extra registration process or form change necessary to switch between individual and team member. Run The Edge’s mileage tracker allows participants to put in solo miles as well as contribute to a team.

How do I participate in the 12 Monthly Challenges hosted by Kara Goucher?

Participation in the 12 Monthly Challenges is free for all registered participants. Simply "opt in" at registration to receive emails and updates.

Are the 12 Monthly Challenges pins included in the registration package?

Nope. The official 12 Monthly Challenges commemorative pins are only available in our store.

Help! I didn't receive a confirmation email.

There are two reasons this may happen: the email address entered at registration was entered incorrectly or the email was caught in Junk/Spam. We ask you add "info@runtheedge.com" to your contact list to ensure emails go through. If your email was entered incorrectly, contact us and we'll fix it.

Can I sign my teammates up?

We ask each participant to register individually. Each registered participant is required to have a unique email address to ensure access to the mileage tracker. If you'd like to pay for your teammates registration, we recommend you check out our gift certificates available in the store.

The Registration Process

Is the Run The Year registration payment process safe and secure?

Yes, definitely. Our registration platform has its own SSL certificate and our payment processor is safe and secure. If you have further questions about the safety of our sites, please email webmaster@runtheedge.com

I signed up, now what? 

If you registered before January 1st, all you have to do now is wait. The mileage tracker will open on January 1st so you can log your first miles of 2017, set up your team, and participate in forums. Until then, join the Facebook group and rally your team! 

What's the difference between registering and purchasing a gift certificate?

All participants must register using the registration platform here: https://register.runtheedge.com/event/2017-Miles-in-2017. Gift certificates purchased in the Run The Edge store are not registrations or another way to register. Gift certificates will just generate a code that must be entered at registration to be redeemed. 

Mileage Tracker

When does the mileage tracker open?

January 1st! On January 1st, registered participants will be able to sign in, change profile information, create and manage teams, and participate in forums.

How do I track my miles?

You can track your miles any way you’d like! You can use any app or GPS device to track your miles, using a machine like a treadmill to track distance, using time estimates, or counting what you know is the “mile around the block”.

How do I log my miles?

In the Run The Year mileage tracker, you can log your miles by entering them manually, syncing with your Garmin account, or syncing with your Fitbit account. If you choose to sync with your Garmin or Fitbit, you can also enter miles manually.

What miles and activities count towards the challenge?

Run The Edge asks that miles are completed on your feet. Running, walking, treadmills, and hiking all count. The intention of the challenge is for you to push yourself to do more. We ask that miles are intentional, and help you achieve a happier and healthier you. Keep yourself moving, focus on what challenges you personally. Each participant faces different obstacles, each mile is different.

Is it required to run/walk or log activity every day?

Not at all. You get in the miles on your time and on your schedule.

If I finish early, will I be able to keep logging my individual miles?

Yes! The tracker will remain open all year for you to log your extra miles.

Can you use both Garmin and Fitbit at the same time?

No. The tracker syncs with only one account at a time.

What if I use a non-Garmin/Fitbit device, can I still track miles?

No problem. The tracker only syncs with Garmin and Fitbit, but is set up for easy and convenient manual entry.


How many people can be on a team?

You can have up to 4 total people on your team! That means you can add 3 additional people to your team in the tracker. The tracker does not allow for more than 4 registered participants to be on a team.

Can I be on more than one team?

No. The tracker will save your information on only one team at a time. You can change teams at any time during the challenge.

Does everyone on a team get a medal/gear?

No, the gear you receive will be based on the package you individually registered for.

How can team members split up the mileage?

Any way you want to! Whether you all split it evenly or run different amounts, your miles all work towards the same 2,017 goal.

What happens if my team doesn’t finish all the miles?

That’s okay! The challenge is meant to get you motivated to track your fitness miles and positively impact your health with the RTY fitness community. If you take one more step than you would have without the challenge, then you have stayed true to the challenge goal!

If my team finishes early, will we be able to keep logging miles?


Can I keep going after my team finishes?



When will my package be shipped?

Registration packages will begin shipping the first week of January. Shipping everything will take a few weeks, but you’ll receive an email with your tracking information when your package is shipped. Please be patient!

How do I exchange my shirt for a different size?

Send your shirt back to us at the address below and include a note with your full name, shipping address, email, and size/style you’d like instead. Please send returns to:

Run The Edge ATTN Shipping Department
2450 Central Ave Suite A1
Boulder, CO 80301

What do I do if my 2017 gear was damaged in shipping?

Send us an email at shipping@runtheedge.com with a photo of the damage and we’ll be in touch about sending you a new one.

Why is the medal being shipped at the beginning of the year?

Motivation - Hang or display the medal with the “2,017 Miles” side showing to remind you of the goal and to keep you focused all year long. Celebration - The moment you and/or your team completes the challenge, spin the medal to show the “Crushed It” side! It’s now a finisher medal.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We do ship internationally, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

I’ve moved since I signed up. How do I update my address with Run the Edge?

If you need to update any information, send us an email at info@runtheedge.com and we’ll update it on our end.

I purchased gear at registration, but I haven’t received it. What do I do?

If it’s after January 25th, send us an email at shipping@runtheedge.com with your name and registration information and we’ll figure out what happened. If it’s before January 25th, we’re probably still shipping and we appreciate your patience!

I received my package, but it’s missing something!

Send us an email at shipping@runtheedge.com and we can figure out what happened. Please review what registration package you choose prior to emailing.

I want to order some 2017 gear, but I’ve already registered. How do I get more gear?

No problem! All the Run The Year 2017 swag is available in our store and featured below. Click on the product you'd like to check out for more info.


All of the Run The Year 2017 swag is available for individual purchase below. Registration packages cannot be changed or altered after purchase.

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