Kara Goucher 12 Monthly Challenges Sneak Peak

Posted by Run The Edge on Dec 23, 2016 1:00:00 PM

This year, we're adding a little Kara Goucher to the Run The Year 2017 Challenge.

For 2017, we wanted to add even more fun, value, and motivation into the Run The Year Challenge, so we have enlisted the help of two-time Olympian, long distance runner, mom, and friend Kara Goucher to help us out. Check out her official intro:

Kara Goucher 12 Monthly Challenges Sneak Peak
“I’m so excited to host the 12 Monthly Challenges for Run The Year 2017 participants! Together we are going to make 2017 our happiest and healthiest yet!”
— Kara
Kara Goucher 12 Monthly Challenges Sneak Peak 

















Kara will be hosting our 12 Monthly Challenges, a virtual fitness challenge series planned to keep 2017 participants engaged, active, and healthy all year long. Each month will have its own theme and challenge. These challenges are optional for Run The Year 2017 participants, and are specifically for those who want to go beyond logging miles. 

Interested? Once you register for Run The Year 2017, you can choose to do all 12 challenges or pick and choose the ones you think you'll enjoy the most.

The challenges range from physical like the “Get Your Butt In Gear” and “Monster Abs” to whimsical like the “Summer Selfie” and Hug A Runner” challenges. Other challenges will have you attempting to increase your 5K time while others ask you to increase you happiness. We hope the variety, spirit and fun in each of these challenges will keep you engaged with the RTY 2017 community and give you something extra to look forward to as we journey through the year together! Check out the challenges below:

  • January - "Just Log It" Challenge
  • February - Get Your Butt in Gear Challenge
  • March - Chase Your Bliss Challenge
  • April - Monster Abs Challenge
  • May - Extra Mile Challenge
  • June - Four 5k's Challenge
  • July - Summer Selfie Challenge
  • August - Yoga Stretch Challenge
  • September - Fuel Your Fitness Challenge
  • October - Flippin' Fitness Challenge
  • November - Hug a Runner Challenge
  • December - Finish Strong Challenge
Kara Goucher 12 Monthly Challenges Sneak Peak

12 Monthly Challenges Swag

We also have a limited supply of Monthly Challenge Lapel pins you can order and add to the ribbon of your 2017 Medal.  If you would like to order a set of pins you can do so in our store.

Two-time Olympian Kara Goucher is the host of Run The Year 2017’s 12 Monthly Challenges. The 12 month series is designed to keep Run The Year participants moving and motivated all year long. Entry to the 12 Monthly Challenges is available only to Run The Year participants. 

Each challenge comes with a commemorative lapel pin you can attach to your 2017 medal as you complete each challenge.  Have fun earning each pin and staying fit and motivated all year long!



The Run The Year 2017 Poster is an easy way to stay on track during the challenge. The yearly miles are broken up into monthly goals and also display the monthly challenges hosted by Kara Goucher.

Color in each 100 mile block as you run or walk your way to 2,017 miles!

Join Today!

Sound like exactly what you need to keep you active, fit and healthy all year long? Register for Run The Year 2017 to gain exclusive access to the 12 Monthly Challenges hosted by Kara!

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